Jeremy D Olivier and band play at Cafe Roux

Cafe Roux has become a hot spot for ‘live’ music and good food. Every week, Cafe Roux feature many local artists. Jeremy D Olivier and his band were lined up for Friday evening. Anticipation overwhelmed me, at the thought of once again witnessing this incredible act.

Not only, is Jeremy a household name in our country, but the secret of his music has spread far beyond our borders.

Looking at where this phenomenal artist has come from and the journey that he has walked, I realize that it would not be possible without his lovely wife Nicole, who not only stands by her man, but assists in lyric writing and managing Jeremy’s music career.

Heinrich Goosen on drums and Wesley Rustin on bass guitar

Heinrich Goosen on drums and Wesley Rustin on bass guitar

pic13_edited-1The evening kicked off with a bang, as Jeremy and his band took to  the stage. To say it was a ‘groovy‘ night, would be an understatement . The band as a whole, rocked our world.  Other than Jeremy, the band consists of –Heinrich Goosen on drums, Wesley Rustin on bass and last, but certainly not least, Amanda Tiffin on vocals and keyboard – from beginning to end,  the band ‘wowed‘ the audience.

From time to time, during the evening, Jeremy shared stories of his childhood and his deep love for Zimbabwe and his family. I for one, experienced moments of deep emotion. Tears, joy and laughter filled me when listening to the stories and lyrics.

Jeremy D Olivier

Jeremy D Olivier

Jeremy has a unique and dynamic message in his songs. His music reaches, not only the ears of those who hear, but the ears of those whose hearts are open to it.  

Deep and sincere are words to describe Jeremy’s music.

pic20_edited-1 pic39Harmonizing together, Jeremy and Amanda captivated us with the truly ‘African’ feel  of some of the songs. Amanda is a highly accomplished musician in her own right and visibly displays her passion and soul for music. At one point in the evening, her voice sent shivers up my spine.

I walked away at the end of the evening with a feeling of deep contentment.  Not only did the music touch my heart, but at certain times during the evening, a feeling of sheer exhilaration filled me, to the point of wanting to jump up and dance to the beat of the rhythm.

To find out more about Jeremy and his incredible journey, check out his Facebook page –

Watch Jeremy on You Tube –“>


Jeremy D Olivier and band play at Cafe Roux

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