It was great meeting Chris Samuels from Vision Music Records and chatting about their young and upcoming artists. Clint Ceejay Van Schalkwyk is one of these artists that has signed with them. Here is a little more about him and his dreams for the future:

Clint Ceejay van Schalkwyk

Clint Ceejay van Schalkwyk

Which artists do you admire and look up to and who would you personally like to work with if you were granted the opportunity? Artists who have always dominated the music industry with their amazing gifts, like Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. Both of these have always been my favourites – absolutely love Mariah haha! I would definitely want to work with her in the future, if ever I get the opportunity and with any other huge names in music today.   What is the importance of connecting with other artists?  I would say that being professional, down to earth and fun to be around and to work with does it for me, to connect with other artists.  When you hear a new song that you can relate to, does it inspire you to get busy writing? Well it’s actually motivating to know that there’s a lot of talent outside and all around you, it gets you to step up your game. If you had a chance to perform somewhere, where would that be?  I would love to perform at the Bet awards, Grammys, Billboard music awards, American music awards , Madison Square Garden and all the amazing venues the world has to offer. Do you sometimes get lost in your music? Yes, whenever I feel the need for a short break or whateverI go though- music is a huge part of my saving grace.  What does it mean to you, to be an artist? I always knew that music is my life and just basically waited for when the time was right to get into depth with everything, so this was my hobby,dream and passion, until it eventually became my job. What is your favourite food? I don’t really have any favourite food ‘ lol’. I guess anything that looks and tastes nice would do. Do you have a hobby other then music? Besides music, I also always loved sketching, designing clothes, working with animals and acting.   When did you first realize you want to go into the music industry? The age of 16. I always knew that I wanted be a famous singer.

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Vision Music Records is an Independent Record Label, signing new upcoming artists and producing music – * Backtracks*Recording*Producing*Sound Hiring*Music Lessons*Eventsis what they are all about. The company is owned by Laurenzo Davids, who founded Vision Music Records in 2012. His right hand man is Chris Samuels. Laurenzo has a heart for young people and empowers them to use their gifts. Not only does he promote and support young people in the community, but is an artist in his own right. Laurenzo Davids is 27 years old and comes from Atlantis – he is a qualified math and science teacher and a full time music producer, singer and actor (Huis van Davids – Kyknet). Laurenzo traveled to the USA where he worked with All 4 One, Wayne Brady and wait for it…………….Stevie Wonder in 2010/2011! Since then, Laurenzo has traveled the world, namely the UK, Belgium, and Namibia, just to mention a few. Here is a video of him singing on You Tube.



Clint Ceejay van Schalkwyk of Vision Music Records

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