CHE-V is a young lady who I had the privilege to watch at Camphill Village’s 50th celebration.  Here is a little look into what Che-V believes regarding her career and dreams for the future –

Which artists do you admire and look up to and who would you personally like to work with if you were granted the opportunity? Artists I look up to are international superstars such as Eve, Lisa ‘left eye’ Lopes, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj to name a few. I would love to work with Nicki Minaj because she is the biggest female rapper at this time and also Lil Wayne to see how he works his magic.    What is the importance of connecting with other artists?  It is vital to connect with other artists who are as serious about music as you are – to help each other and guide each other and its a great thing to have someone who knows exactly what you are going through at times. When you hear a new song that you can relate to, does it inspire you to get busy writing? I am always busy writing, because I am mostly motivated by situations. If I feel a certain type of way then I will write about it, but there are certain times when songs create emotions that I am already busy writing about, so it then just helps me a little more with my writing and that is fabulous.  If you had a chance to perform somewhere, where would that be?  The Superbowl halftime show is something I would LOVE to do. You know you have made it big time when you perform there, because it’s a stage for only the best of the best. Do you sometimes get lost in your music? Yes, I always get lost in my music, because it stirs such big memories for me – I mostly write about my life, so when I listen to one of them, I feel all the emotions I had when the song was created, so I either end up with tears or a very big smile. What does it mean to you, to be an artist? Being an artist means working hard on your dream, so that it  can one day inspire those who  have seen you as a role model to also follow theirs. It means creating art that can uplift and motivate people to better their circumstances.What is your favourite food? My favourite food is fast food… because its fast. I don’t like being hungry. I am also a fan of raw veggies ( onions, split peas, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, etc. Do you have a hobby other then music? I do not have any other hobbies, music is my career and my hobby.When did you first realize you want to go into the music industry? When I started at VMR I became serious about music. I quit my job and went into it full time and haven’t been happier since.

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Vision Music Records is an Independent Record Label, signing new upcoming artists and producing music – * Backtracks*Recording*Producing*Sound Hiring*Music Lessons*Eventsis what they are all about. The company is owned by Laurenzo Davids, who founded Vision Music Records in 2012. His right hand man is Chris Samuels. Laurenzo has a heart for young people and empowers them to use their gifts. Not only does he promote and support young people in the community, but is an artist in his own right. Laurenzo Davids is 27 years old and comes from Atlantis – he is a qualified math and science teacher and a full time music producer, singer and actor (Huis van Davids – Kyknet). Laurenzo traveled to the USA where he worked with All 4 One, Wayne Brady and wait for it…………….Stevie Wonder in 2010/2011! Since then, Laurenzo has traveled the world, namely the UK, Belgium, and Namibia, just to mention a few. Here is a video of him singing on You Tube.




Che-V of Vision Music Records

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