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It was great meeting Chris Samuels from Vision Records and chatting about their young and upcoming artists. Clint Ceejay Van Schalkwyk is one of these artists that has signed with them. Here is a little more about him and his dreams for the future:

Clint Ceejay van Schalkwyk Clint Ceejay van Schalkwyk

Which artists do you admire and look up to and who would you personally like to work with if you were granted the opportunity?Artists who have always dominated the music industry with their amazing gifts, like Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. Both of these have always been my favourites – absolutely love Mariah haha! I would definitely want to work with her in the future, if ever I get the opportunity and with any other huge names in music today.   What is the importance of connecting with other artists?  I would say that being professional, down to earth and…

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Clint Ceejay van Schalkwyk of Vision Records

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