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Tashna B Tashna B

It was great meeting up with Chris Samuels and Tashna B of Vision Music Records and chatting about the future. Here is a little snippet about this upcoming star and her journey:

Which artists do you admire and look up to and who would you personally like to work with if you were granted the opportunity? I admire and look up to Celine Dion, Beyonce, Tina Turner, Leona Lewis. The person that I really would like to work with is Celine Dion. When you hear a new song that you can relate to, does it inspire you to get busy writing? Sometimes. Songs do not always inspire me to write. Sometimes  I don’t feel what I’m listening to, but yes, when there’s a song that enjoy I will start start writing immediately. If you had a chance to perform somewhere, where would that be?  The BET Awards. Do…

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Tashna B of Vision Music Records

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