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                                                                                                                                                                                    Robertson is a valley that is known for its wine. Tourists from near and far travel to visit the town to sample the deliciously flavoursome wines on offer.   The town’s wine industry has grown significantly from 25 cellars in 1995 to more than 50 registered wine cellars as of 2015. Many have received the highest awards both locally and internationally throughout the years. Zandvliet is just one of these well known and loved estates in Robertson.

ClemenGold joined forces with Zandvliet to host a weekend of fun and activity for all ages during the Wacky Wine Festival. For those who don’t know –

ClemenGold is a delicious and refreshing soft citrus fruit.


To describe the taste would be to describe something which is sweet, juicy and super delicious – tantalising the taste buds and making you crave more.

The fruit is seedless and peels easily to the touch. It is a fruit that is not only packed with Vitamin C, but appeals to everyone.

I was beyond excited for the weekend and was looking forward to the great music line up and the wonderful vibe of the festival. So the day was finally upon us. As we drove into the grounds, I could see that everything was set up for a great weekend.

There was a beautiful entrance set up and inside, the marquee  was buzzing with people. From craft beer to delicious fruit drinks, yummy food and let us not forget the wine – people stood together in groups chatting excitedly amongst each other.  There was a certain expectation that was evident among the people and it rubbed off on me.

Peter Mitchell | Simon Orange | Luna Paige| Nick Turner  | Gerald Clark| Albert Frost | Chris ChamelPeter Mitchelleon were just some of the artists lined up for the weekend.

Schalk Joubert and Kevin Gibson, were the backing band for the line-up.

Peter Mitchell aka The Scotsman aka (Pietman Geldenhuys) Die Skot was the official Master of Ceremonies for the day and had everyone in stitches with his jokes. From beginning to end,  he entertained the crowd. Peter is a born entertainer and what a fine job he does.  At one stage during the afternoon, Peter proceeded to  tell us one of Tolla van der Merwe’s stories. I couldn’t believe how well he  impersonated the legendary S.A. funnyman. It felt as if Tolla was standing in front of us -it brought back sweet memories of S.A.’s well known comedian.

His rendition of ‘Flower of Scotland’ leaves me with a lump in my throat every time. The pure emotion and richness of his voice washes over me and moves me deeply.

Not only does Peter sing, but he is a comedian / songwriter / actor / impersonator / husband / private chef and producer. No small wonder the crowd love Peter so much. So if you are looking for someone to hire for a party or event, look no further. To keep up to date with Peter or contact him, follow him on Facebook:

Take a look at the video of his performance of ‘Flower Of Scotland‘ –

LLUNA PAIGEuna Paige is an artist that I have come to know and love.

Her endearing personality comes through very strongly in her music – her face shines with emotion and Luna has a certain deepness about her when performing her heartfelt songs. 

LUNA PAIGE 4Two words come to mind when thinking of her voice – ‘alluring‘ and ‘appealing‘ It doesn’t end there – Luna has recorded 4 English albums and 1 Afrikaans live CD and DVD. Luna has been used for television series and programs like ‘Going Nowhere Slowly’ and ‘Ella Blue’. Luna is a highly versatile artist who has collaborated with several other artists, in and around the country.

Luna gets lost in her music, but as her voice infiltrates the hearts and minds of those gathered, we too get lost in a moment of fantasy and wonder at the sheer impact of her captivating voice.

What especially stands out for me, is her connection to people. Luna recently travelled abroad, bringing her beautiful music to the people of Netherland. To find out more about her events and news, follow her on Facebook:

Listen to her on Soundcloud:

Or watch her on You Tube –

SIMON ORANGEThe official keyboard player for The Blues Broers, namely Simon Orange, was part of the line up for the day. Simon takes everything in his stride. What I love about him, is his calm exterior – he just moulds and weaves his magic on the stage for all to see.

A musician that has touched many hearts, especially mine, is Nick Turner.

To me, Nick brings a truly home-grown sound that we as South Africans can relate to.  ‘Funkyand ‘appealing’ are two words to describe this dynamic artist. Nick’s music comes across as genuine and you can see he takes it seriously. His brand new song ‘Beurtkrag‘ that he wrote with his dad speaks volumes about our beloved country.

Nick Turner

Nick Turner

Once you have witnessed Nick sing, you have a deep longing for more.

A little background about Nick –

He became known to music lovers as one of the front men of the popular SA band, Sons of Trout (in the 90’s). Soon after Nick and singer-songwriter and violinist Mike Renny started the African influenced duo Mikanic. They travelled to, lived and performed in New York for many years, where they had a loyal following and wonderful opportunities to perform at world music festivals across the globe. Nick returned to South Africa and became involved with the Solms Delta project where he teaches and collaborates with local artists. He is currently busy with his first solo album and composed his first Afrikaans songs for “Die Ander Konsert” – a collaborative project with 7 other artists (Woordfees & KKNK, 2015). 2014 saw him perform at Oppikoppi and Rocking the Daisies – a sign that his solo career is already well on its way and his music in serious demand!

Here is the link to his latest song:

As you can see, Nick is an accomplished musician who has added a great impact on the music industry in South Africa. To find out more about Nick or his events, follow him on Facebook:

A while back, I had the opportunity to witness Gerald Clark at the Barnyard Theater. It was a night that rocked my world. Since the first day someone told me to watch his video ‘Black Horses‘ on You Tube, I was hooked. Gerald brings such heart and  passion when he finds himself on any given stage. When Luna and Gerald team up for their ‘Lovemore Show’  I reminisce about  Kenny and Dolly, or even the late great Johnny Cash and June Carter. There is a certain connection between them that rubs off on the audience.

GERALD AND LUNA Gerald and Luna  are so in tune with one another and one cannot help but be moved by not only the beauty of the music, but by the sincerity of their open hearts as they hold nothing back – giving their everything – every breath, every word and every emotion is visibly displayed for all to see.  

If you love blues/soul music you will certainly love this show.

A little background about Gerald –
Gerald Clark started his career as the front man of the very popular blues band Delta Blue. After the dismantling of the band, Clark flied solo and has only gone from strength to strength. He has released numerous English albums as well as one special Afrikaans album (Sweepslag) which was nominated for a SAMA award. He is a frequent main stage headliner at popular blues festivals such as the Table Mountain Blues Summit and the Big Blues Festival. He is also a familiar face at the Blues sessions at Mercury, De Vette Mossel during Woordfees and all other blues-orientated events.

Follow Gerald on Facebook:

Watch him on You Tube :


Heine du Toit

Heine du Toit



At one stage during the day an interesting looking man walked onto the stage. His name is Heine du Toit – he went about doing his thing in a quiet, unobtrusive way. I since learnt that he was a lyricist and artist a while ago – this came as no surprise, as he displayed a certain connection with music and the other artists. This was evident from where I was sitting.

Tonight was truly an eye opener regarding Albert Frost! Man can he play the guitar!

Albert Frost

Watching him hug his guitar close, I realized that his guitar must be one of his closest companions and I sat pondering whether he was born with a guitar in his hands.

Albert Frost

Albert Frost

Albert plays many shows in and around Cape Town as well as South Africa, bringing a strong rock and blues edge to the music scene. Albert is no newcomer to the industry and has been rocking stages for the past 20 years. He loves acoustic, as well as electric guitar.

A true ‘blues man‘ – he holds nothing back when on stage.

Albert has been with the legendary Blues broers since 1994.
A little background : He has recorded with Arno Carstens, Koos Kombuis, Chris Chameleon, Blues Broers and many others. He has performed with every major artist in South Africa, and with international artists like Ali Faka Toure and Finley Quaye. He has toured with Simple Minds and Rem, and supported the Rolling Stones. “Frost is one of the most versatile and talented guitarists in South Africa. Seeing him wield his myriad axes is a lesson in what is possible with a guitar” (Murray Walker, What’s On, July 2013).

To find out more about him follow him on Facebook:

To get a feel for what to expect at one of his shows, check him out on You Tube:“>

Chris Chameleon

Chris Chameleon

I have listened with keen ears for many years, to songs on the radio of Chris Chameleon. Many have whispered of what an incredible performer he is. Today was the day that I would experience it for myself.  From the moment he walked onto the stage, the stage was his and he owned it.  Chris has a way of mesmerizing a person with his distinctive facial expressions while his vocal range delight the senses. Chris has a list of accolades that would take many pages to fill. I sat in total admiration at what was playing out before my eyes.

Chris Chameleon

Chris Chameleon

I felt like a child who receives a surprise package, rips the paper off-excited to see what’s inside – the surprise once opened is wonderful. Chris for me, was the surprise package of the evening.

Follow Chris on Facebook:

Watch Chris on You Tube:

A little background on the backing Band for the day  –Schalk Joubert and Kevin Gibson were in top form.

To quote

Schalk Joubert is an award-winning South African producer, composer and bass player. He has worked with the best of the best and has been invited by local and international artists to travel to and perform with them at festivals and theatres across the globe.

Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson has been slamming the drums for decades and is by far one of SA’s best session drummers. He studied and lived in America where he performed with artists such as country star Jackson Browne. He has been across the world to perform at jazz festivals with fellow jazz musicians from SA and abroad. He has recorded with many South African artists and continues to do so.

Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson

It was an incredible feeling to sit back and watch these guys give their every ounce of energy on the stage and loving every minute of it.

The day was most enjoyable and I can highly recommend the Wacky Wine Festival for anyone who enjoys good wine, food, music and more. The festival truly encapsulated every bit of a fun weekend for the entire family.  I for one, was delighted to be part of it and I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for us.

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ClemenGold and Zandvliet Music Festival at Wacky Wine 2015

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