Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions

Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions

blog20small blog16small Ben1small pic6small pic14smallBen, Danie, Ongama, Moskou, Albert and Inno are the guys that make up the band known as, Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions.  The band was officially formed on the 1 September 2014.

I went to watch them at Cafe Roux  a month after the formation of the band, when they were part of the Marshall Music Showcase Sessions. It was an evening that literally shook Cafe Roux. The audience couldn’t stay seated as the energetic presence that is Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions, rubbed off on everyone. People danced in rhythm to the beat of the music.

blog15small pic5small bandnew1small band14smallAs I drove out to Cafe Roux on Friday night, I did so in anticipation. It was one of the coldest nights in Cape Town.  Upon entering Cafe Roux, I noticed that the place was packed to capacity. Looking around the room, I saw young ones, teenagers, middle-age people and golden oldies. Not even the rain and wind, could keep people away. I felt as if I was part of something monumental and it was about to unfold before our eyes. A warm roaring fire place made the place feel real toasty.

The people gathered, chatted excitedly and enjoyed the scrumptious burgers that Cafe Roux are famous for. Many other tasty treats tantalize the taste buds and can be found on the menu.

band2smallAt 8pm sharp, the band stepped onto the stage and from that moment, people were enthralled.

Sitting there watching and taking it all in, I realized that the band has grown in leaps and bounds. What grabbed me the most is the deep African feel/beat  to the music – it creeps into your bones making you want to move. An  experience that not only fills your heart and mind, but brings an energy that is so addictive, it fills every fiber of your being.

band8smallIt is a joy to see a band that fulfills the diversity and  rich culture that we, as South Africans know and love.  Ben Dey Tainton, the lead singer of the band, has a magnetic stage presence that reaches the fans and his quirky personality shines through. He took great delight in sharing some humorous tidbits of their trip up to Soweto recently. The talent of the band members cannot be denied –  the energetic vibe each member brings, the drumbeat and guitar playing was electric! As the show came to an end, the crowd gathered called out ‘more, more, more’…………… Ben and his band members continued performing to everyone’s delight. At the end of a brilliant performance, the band members engaged the audience comfortably.

Donovan Copley from Hot Water fame, popped through to witness this incredible act and this in itself, is testimony to what this band is all about.

These guys are legends in the making – riding a wave while taking their fans along for the ride and what a ride!

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Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions

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