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A year ago, on Heritage day to be exact, I won two tickets to a music festival.  I was super excited, as I am passionate about music.  Little did I know at the time, what a huge impact Camphill Village and the people would have on my life. Looking back on the past year (YES, it has been a year), I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that my life changed that day.  Unconditional love, care, commitment, purpose and vision are just a couple of words that come to mind, when I think of Camphill Village.

Watch this video to get a feel for what Camphill Village is all about –“>

That day, I made a life decision, to play a part, be it a very small one. From the Barn Dance to the Talent Show to the Monthly Markets, the close community vibe touched my life and continues to do so, in many ways.  Each person in this life, has something special to give and share – being at these events, makes you realize how important people and community are. Investing in a life, is one of the most important things we can do with our lives. It unites us as people.  From a tiny spark, a great light spreads.

This past weekend, the Mamma Gogo Initiative, ran a team building weekend at Camphill Village, which involved gathering a team. We came together to paint a fence -this was needed for the Music Festival, which is happening on the 31 October 2015.  I was honoured and counted it a privilege to be the photographer. As a team, we all came together in spirit, to make it happen.  The weekend flew by in a twinkling of an eye. We worked, laughed, ate and shared our worldviews with one another.  Despite heated debates, we all managed to respect one another. So, not all work, but loads of fun time was had too.

Mamma Gogo Initiative

I want to say a big thank you to Donald Barnett of Mamma Gogo Initiative for making  this happen and to Craig du Preez,  for hosting us so graciously.  My hope and prayer, is that many may come and visit  Camphill Village and experience it with an open heart and mind. One thing is for sure, your life will never be the same again. Open your heart and it will be filled to overflowing.   Here are some responses from the team, that gave of their time to be involved. Thank you so much fellow team players! It was wonderful to share life stories and build new friendships and this, all  thanks to Camphill Village –

What an amazing weekend with amazing individuals. I’ve taken so much away from the experience. I loved everything about our time there. On the drive home I reflected on what stood out for me the most and I have to say the amazing debates and discussions on so many topics. I realized that the one debate that got kinda heated but I feel resonated with everyone was the one on “choices”. Another conversation I had with Craig Du Preez that will forever stay with me is the chat about the wonderful residents of Camphill – the people who are ostracised, neglected and abused, mentally and physically by us “normal” humans. The one story that stuck is about the lady who says I love you to everyone and how it initially made you feel and how you came to learn such a valuable lesson from her about unconditional love. I’ve realized that these special souls are here to teach us all something about life and they do have a right to be loved and respected in return. I could wax on lyrically about the experience but I won’t. Thank you Donald Barnett for arranging and I’m looking forward to our next great adventure. To Camphill and Craig – thank you. Craig you blow my mind – what an amazing human being you are and what amazing work you do.’ – Janine Coomer Davidson

I am always blown away by the love and acceptance of Camphill. You guys are doing a phenomenal job and i cant wait to paint the next fence! And thank you to all my paint covered comrades for great conversations and all the serious silliness! – Dylan Posthumus

When Janine Coomer Davidson first mentioned this weekend to me, I had no clue whatsoever as to what we were going to do. I have long last had so much fun in such a short space of time:D This was true “Ubuntu” and I too, will be there to paint the next fence. The serenity and light at Camphill are rare and the feeling of safety permeates the entire farm. Very rare, that! You guys and gals are totally fab human beings, each and every one of you. Thank you! – Karin Brumer

I have been sitting in front of the computer for about half an hour, wondering where to start with my weekend at Camphill Village. It wasn’t my first time there. I have been to the wonderful first Sunday of the month markets that they have been filled with freshly baked bread, farm made yoghurt, music being played and the public enjoying a warm summer day. What humbles me the most are the residents. Meeting up with a few of them again reminded me of how special they are. Each individual with their own personality, nothing to hide from anyone. To have met and made new incredible friends was worth every drop of paint on my jersey thanks to a fence to paint that bought us together as a team. A big thank you to Craig. The work and dedication you give to the Village left me feeling very humble. There are very few people in the world who throw yourself in to without batting an eyelid. Camphill Village is truly blessed to have you on board. Thank you for sharing it with us. – Mikki O’ Brian Payne

It’s always a blessing to me to see people from different walks of life coming together to achieve a common purpose. The purpose of painting the fence at Camphill left us with a sense of accomplishment , achieving the result as a unit, in an unforgettable space. I was particularly encouraged as to the level of discussion and freedom people had to express themselves openly on some ‘sensitive’ topics. It was a reflection of how people from different backgrounds and perspectives can still work together for common good, despite their differences. In fact, I’m of the opinion we also learnt from each other in this way. Thank you Camphill Village West Coast for providing the platform for this Mamma Gogo Initiative and for your hospitality in this awesome space. Thank you Craig Du Preez for joining us along the way and opening our eyes to the special work that takes place at Camphill. All the best with the rest of your preparations forCamphill Village Music Festival. – Donald Barnett

To find out more about Camphill Village, check out their website: 

To buy tickets for the Music Festival, click on the link below. Great line up of artists, namely : Just Jinger, Beatenberg, Ottoman Slap, The Bootleggers and a lovely market to boot. Watch the You Tube video taken at last year’s music festival:“>

Direct link for tickets –

To find out all about the Mamma Gogo Initiative:


Camphill Village – Work Team

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