Tuesday 22 November 2016, I caught a sneak preview of  Cafe Roux’s brand new venue, which will officially be opening this coming Friday night. Some of the acts for December and January include : Lonesome Dave, Alice Phoebe, Nate Maingard, Watershed, Francois van Coke, Jesse Clegg, Arno Carstens.. just to mention a few.


The  venue can be found in one of Cape Town’s most popular ‘night life’ areas – Shortmarket Street, just off Bree.  As we wandered down the lane, I saw Cafe Roux’s popular chalk board and we hurried our steps along, to get to the door. Once inside, we were warmly ushered to our table, by a host of waiters, who smiled at us, as if we had arrived home. A special mention must be made to Deo, who has the warmest smile of them all and always makes everyone feel like they belong. Glancing around the room, I spotted a well known celebrity – Josie Borain. I felt like a VIP!

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I took in the surroundings and was pleasantly surprised – the same intimate setting was evident; the decor  has a modern touch to it. Wooden floors and tables, make the place feel cozy with a homely feel.  I couldn’t help but notice and almost sense, a pair of eyes staring down at me from one of the walls,  it is a pin-up of the legendary David Bowie  – what I love, is the finger he holds to his lips – I can just picture him saying ‘ssssh listen to the music’. The decor is modern and the venue has a spacious feel to it, but not to the point of being cold.


The new venue has a diverse style and hosts a bar with comfy seats. Looking up, I noticed a higher level with seating, for those wanting a bird’s eye view of the stage, this is perfect. The walls are done up in a soft blue texture, which adds a feeling of calm – so chilled vibes fill your soul.

no6bno6I ordered a pizza which was loaded with all my favourites – anchovies, rocket, Parmesan YUM. My husband ordered an aubergine salad, which was also just as tasty and beautifully presented.

Then the moment that we were all waiting for arrived – Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions walked onto the brand new stage!


no8cEntertainment is what Cafe Roux is synonymous for –  Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions didn’t disappoint. Known as an Afro/Indie pop-rock band, they play in and around Cape Town, as well as at music festivals, their recent appearance at Rocking the Daisies was a huge success.

no7h no7n
no8a no8bFor me, their music reaches out to every person, no matter your race or ethnicity – music that encompasses an African rhythm with a township vibe.

Ben Dey, the lead singer, has a distinctive voice which has a huge range – sometimes when his voice reaches heights, not imaginably possible, it sounds almost eerie, but more mysterious and intriguing – grabbing your attention – all eyes  riveted on him. The moment hypnotic.

no7kno7r_edited-1Together they are eclectic, catchy and have a ‘one of a kind’ type of sound.no8d

The lyrics are deep and meaningful.  A lyricist with a deep soul that is, Ben Dey.  Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions speak their truth through their music. Find their link to Facebook at the bottom of the page. Follow them, to stay up to date with their latest news and shows.

Watch their new single here –

If you looking for a night out, look no further – Cafe Roux is a venue that provides it all – friendly staff, good food, top class entertainment and this all in a warm and  cosy setting.

Cafe Roux, Cape Town is a hit!

To find out about all the shows lined up and to book, find them on Facebook –

To find out more about them, follow them on Facebook –



Cafe Roux Cape Town – featuring Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions

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