Jean and Tamara are a duo that perform in and around Cape Town and call themselves ‘Traveller‘. On Friday night my friends and I headed off to Camel Rock to watch them.

Camel Rock Restaurant is a quaint restaurant that you find in Scarborough. It is a very popular area known for its beach and surfers  gather to catch the perfect wave.

It is the one and only restaurant to be found in the village.  It is wonderfully run by amazing staff. From  fresh seafood dishes to potjies and wood-fired pizzas this is the place to visit for great food and music.

Don’t expect rushed service – Camel Rock is  laid back and has a relaxed vibe. The restaurant is licensed so you can enjoy a beer or bottle of wine or two. It was a cold winter’s night and the hot chocolate was more tempting.  For food, we opted for a lamb potjie with rice – it was done to perfection – one of the best meals I have ever enjoyed. On offer with the potjie was beetroot salad, greek salad and potato salad. Yum yum.

Jean and Tamara took to the stage around 7.30. Jean is a genius with the guitar and just watching him play  made me get  lost in the moment.

Their music genre is folk / blues and country.   I love the golden oldies which makes one reminisce of days gone by – I especially love it when they play Johnny Cash music. Tamara and Jean go together like pizza and mozarella – what would pizza be without cheese? Tamara’s voice is like warm honey and soothes your soul.

A strong country influence comes through in their music and Jean himself reminds one of a cowboy who you could picture riding in on his horse, except in this case it is all about his guitar, harmonica and  concertina and of course his sidekick,  the beautifulTamara. Jean played a 12 string guitar, which is known for a richer sound.

Super talented musically, these two truly shine!

Catch them in and around Cape Town for one of their gigs, you will not be disappointed.

One of the songs that Jean likes to play at gigs is ‘Smoke, Smoke, Smoke…. written by Merle Travis and Tex Williams in 1947. Watch a surprise performance here –

We ended off the evening with some desert – wow how delish!

Follow Jean and Tamara on their Facebook page to stay up to date with their events in your area –

If you looking for value for money, do yourself a favour and go pull in at Camel Rock Restaurant for a hearty meal and good music.



Traveller at Camel Rock

2 thoughts on “Traveller at Camel Rock

  1. There is no easy way to describe Jean and Tamara when it comes to music. Best to say that music is to Jean as bees are to honey, you cannot separate the two and that Tamara is the honey and Jean the bee. So talented is this young man that his music can extend way back into the 50’s and so broad that it hard to fathom how it all stays in his head. He has a voice to go with it all and Tamara compliments him in it all. They are a treat to go and listen to and not a duo to miss if you get the chance. You will be thoroughly entertained

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