My name is René Maritz and I have a passion for photography and love building relationships with people. My love for photography began six years ago. I started going to shows,  taking photos of musicians and telling their story through my blog,  Soul Sessions S.A.

You can find my official website here – http://www.renemaritzphotography.co.za

My work featured on DSTV, Sunday Times and some other local newspapers, as well as Cape Town Magazine. A thought came to me back then, if I combine my love of telling stories with my photography, I could really capture the essence of  my passion. An online music magazine approached me a couple of years back, to write for them on a month to month basis, which I consistently did, for 2 years.

There after, in 2014, I launched my official website.

If you would like to hire me, for any photographic job,  review, or story,  please contact me. I would love to meet over a cuppa and chat about what your specific needs are.

People, are my driving force, and I love to capture moments in time, thereby creating memories and your story. For me, photography and writing is a form of art.

Thank you for reading about my journey…one that continues with great excitement and fulfillment.